Looking for a new host for your websites and want to make sure it’s the right choice when it comes to SEO? Well you’re in luck as today we’ll be taking a look at the major qualities that a hosting service should provide in order to deliver the best possible SEO potential for your websites. Without further ado, let’s take a look and get you started!

Top 3 Qualities to be the Best Hosting for SEO

In order to qualify as one of the best hosts for SEO, these are the most important qualities that the service must deliver:

1 – Speedy Servers

When it comes to offering a great user experience and making the search engines happy, it’s hard to beat a fast page loading time – and increasingly so as Google keeps making it more and more important. You can do your best on-page and even use lightweight themes and compressed images but if the host’s servers are slow, all of your efforts are wasted. Due to this, always make sure that the service’s servers are as fast as possible. You can make sure of this by getting servers in your own country (if the visitors will also be mostly from there) and also making sure that the CPU and RAM they’re offering on their plans is adequate – plus, SSD storage is a great bonus for speed. You can also consider a CDN.

2 – SSL Capabilities

Similarly to speed, safety and security is also an increasingly important ranking factor for SEO. Due to this, having an SSL certificate and running your website through HTTPS has never been more important. Even though most hosts offer paid SSL certificates, an increasing number of them also offer FREE SSL options like the popular “Let’s Encrypt” option. In order to get this security for free, always double check that your host offers free SSL options as stated previously.

3 – Unlimited Bandwidth

In the future when you’re getting a fair amount of visitors, nothing will kill your success faster than being limited by bandwidth – it’ll turn visitors away and warn search engines that you’re not delivering a good experience, eventually turning down your SEO rankings on the search pages. Always make sure that your hosting service either delivers an incredibly high bandwidth level or that it offers unlimited bandwidth, which is preferable and lets you relax.


As you can see, the qualities are only a few but so incredibly essential that you really need to make sure the hosting service offers them before diving in. They’ll make sure that you’re ready to progress without any barriers and that the fate of your website’s SEO is completely in your hands instead of being limited by your host.

Thanks as always for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this handy little guide and wish you the best for your future endeavors. Good luck!

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