Buying websites with traffic is the best way to expand and improve your website’s flow. Like everything in life, there are more suitable ways to do it and paths that you should try to avoid. If you are ready to invest in websites with great numbers that are ready to be dispatched, make sure to always check the recommended market places available, however, there are also many other less known ways to invest your money and get the right deal. Today, I’ll guide you through some how-tos acquire a website with great domains, a good flow and a large number of followers, specifically the best places to find them, and even some things to avoid during this process. Let’s find out more about it!


Flippa is an online platform which, if you are looking into buying a website with good traffic, it might be the safest place to do it. But what is Flippa, exactly? This website is the most well-known one where people take their old pages or domains they want to get rid of and put them to sale. Luckily, they’re usually sites that already have a good number of followers and solid traffic.

Be it for buyers or sellers, when looking into investing in or selling something this important, there are a lot of things to consider, and precautions to take, so you can be sure that you won’t get yourself into some scams. Flippa takes all those worries away, as it allows you to learn more about the seller and its story, lets you discuss and negotiate through the platform, and then, in case of interest, offers you a contract to read and fill. Simple, trustworthy, and perfect for you to expand your resources and find the ideal traffic.


Freemarket is a known website, ideal for buying or selling either domains or websites. With a great range of offers and opportunities, it will help you find the right traffic for you. It has a few perks worth checking in, like no fees to pay when posting your listing, even though there’s a small commission when the sale is officially made, however, they’re the lowest commission rates in the market, helping you make the most money possible. At Freemarket, the business is secure, giving the buyer and the seller enough trust to make safe and large transactions. It’s a great platform, ideal to help you out with the whole process.

Going for Opportunities Off-Market

There are a large number of methods to buy websites with good traffic, even though people tend to go for the more known ones. However, there’s an alternative way of doing it – going off-market! You can reach directly to a website owner and propose a deal. Now, t’s something that you need to be extra careful about, but there are plenty of chances of finding a great deal out there, especially of sellers wanting to get rid of their online sites, but didn’t publish it in any of the common selling places. Even though caution is always needed, there are multiple advantages to this path, like getting websites directly from sellers that gave up on them, and better deals, since there’s a more open opportunity to negotiate and no middle-man. If you want to go off the market, make sure you reach people you know in the area, in forums, and even in groups. There’s always someone ready to sell their page.

Alternative Ways

There is much effort involved in order to have the right type of influence, and to reach your desired audience. The correct sort of traffic can be very beneficial to you, as it will guide your website to the specific crowd your content is directed to. Preparing your website is essential, and getting the ideal traffic is just the first step, but for it to make you profit and succeed, your product needs to be ready to receive this boost. However, there are things to avoid, specifically aspects that can make your visitors leave, like too many pop-ups, long loading screens, and once more, not having the right content and traffic to your desired crowd.

As a Final Advice

For someone doing this for the first time, it can be tricky, especially because there’s much information missing, related to the topic. Remember that it’s an important investment and like any other one, it has to be well thought, with previous extensive research and cautiousness. I hope this article leads you through this industry and helps you understand better the do’s and don’ts. Thank you so much and go find those gold nuggets.

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