So you’re about to dive into the world of SEO services and you want to find out how much it costs per month, on average – that’s a good idea and you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be taking a look at ballpark numbers for how much SEO costs per month and the main factors that affect the prices, giving you a solid idea of how much you can expect to spend to reach certain results.

SEO can be done on-page (great content such as fantastic in-depth articles with the proper keywords, images and structured data) and off-page. On-page SEO is fairly easy to learn and also affordable so today we’ll be focusing completely on the off-page variety (link building). Without further ado, let’s take a look!

SEO Cost per Month – 3 Levels of Quality

Level 1 – Amateur

At this level, you’ll be using cheap services that promise a lot but actually deliver little. You’ll be working with Fiverr services, subpar PBN (private blog network) link sellers, no-follow posts on major social media networks, etc… If well done, they’ll give a little bump to your targeted page, if it has low competition, and if badly done it can actually damage your website’s rankings with spammy links and anchor text (the text where the link is placed). This level is cheap – some will place links for $5 to $20 bucks a piece (or offer a bulk deal with this price as a basis), but it comes with a price – it’s often ineffective or even dangerous. Hence, it’s not recommended.

Level 2 – Regular

Here, you move on up to guest posts (posting an article on a good domain that links back to your website) and link edits (placing a link on an already existing article on a domain back to your website). These are more effective and fairly safe but they still need to be done right (wordcount, right niche, good domains, no spam, etc…) or they won’t be as great as they can be. Be sure to double-check that the service you’ve chosen at this level is capable of taking the necessary precautions and that the websites they use to post your articles and links are actually real websites with real traffic instead of just dummy websites (guest post farms) without any traffic at all. At this point, you can expect around $40-$90 or more per link, depending on the website’s domain quality and other factors. This is a good entry level for everyone, as long as you double-check your service provider’s good.

Level 3 – Professional

At this point, your service provider will take care of everything for you – they’ll research keyword competition, search volume, your current rankings etc… and draft up a plan to take your pages and website to where you want it to be. They’ll have knowledge of the appropriate anchor text to use, which pages need greater work, and everything else SEO-related, ensuring you have a safe and smooth trip to the top. These services are the easiest and safest to use, but they do come with a price – they usually only take customers in on a monthly subscription basis and these often run for $750 to $1000 minimum to get started, with the max price being your preferred budget (the more budget you have available, the faster the results will come, of course).

Any of these levels’ cost will also multiply with your needs – it all depends on how many pages/websites you want to work on. Even then, this is a great ballpark for you to know how much you’ll spend on average for each level of service quality.

We hope this straightforward but handy guide has been helpful and as always, thanks for reading!

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