We have all heard this term at some point, but what is really digital marketing? Some might say it’s just a fancy word for advertisement, but it actually represents the future of marketing. In reality, it  takes traditional marketing to a whole new level, saying goodbye to the old fashioned ways and trying new modern paths.

In the era of technology and online life, digital marketing can be a major advantage to many brands and companies, as they’re able to use it as a way of reaching more people and connecting with potential future clients, more efficiently. This has many benefits, not only for the seller, but also for the buyer. It makes learning about a product or service online, asking for help or information, and even finding things you couldn’t find in your area or country, much easier and more effortless. Digital marketing is not only for products or services, as anyone can use it for whatever business they have and still profit from that investment, for example, smaller businesses with lower budgets. And speaking of investments, it’s definitely a cheaper way to take advantage of advertisements! Forget the expensive newspaper ads, as this is not only more affordable but also a more reliable way, since you will always have profit, even if it’s just by reaching more people than a paper ad would reach.

Now, for those who work in it or are thinking about getting into digital marketing, there is a growing need of professionals, but is it worth it, financially? What are the profits? Today we are going to explore the salary expectation in this area and some things to take under consideration, shall we?

How Much Digital Marketers Make

If you are considering starting a career in digital marketing and want to learn more about the current average income, this is the article for you. When it comes to a career in this industry, there are some different options, and according to the work time you’re willing to put on, it’s a field where you can go up, and consequently earn more.

According to recent studies of salaries in 2020, digital marketers’ rank between $40k and $90k per year, which can vary according to each function and responsibility. Different career paths will obviously have different salary expectations and for freelancers, it can go between 50$ and 200$ per hour. Although, there are various factors that add to and affect wages in this field, such as:

Years of Experience and Skills

Like in any situation, experience is always a valuable factor and can play an important role when it comes to earning a bigger wage. Digital marketing is a relatively recent area that grew to a huge scale in the last few years and works around in different media platforms. Even if a professional has less years of experience, but it has worked with more platforms and different areas, it will increase the chance of earning more, in comparison to someone who has more experience in a limited number of platforms.

Different Areas

Digital marketing is a very wide area, with multiple functions and different strands, from content managers and bloggers to social media experts and pay-per-view marketers. Even within these different topics, there are different titles and payments, but, logically, when we go up the scale, the wager go too.

Different Locations, Different Payments

Around the United States, there are states or cities that have bigger average salaries in the same job than others. For example, in San Francisco, the payment is 34,1% higher than the average around the country. It’s not exclusive to this city, but it shows how wages can easily differ. Not only between cities, but also between companies, so these numbers are never 100% right.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is a growing area, and a more and more popular and common choice for many advertisers. When it comes to choosing a career path, there are many things to take into consideration and, of course, the salary is one of them. If you had your doubts about getting into digital marketing, then I hope this article was useful and informative to make you take that step. Thank you and happy reading!

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